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Simple House Plan 9×9 Meter 3 Beds 1 Baths Free PDF Full Plan


Simple House Plan 9×9 Meter 3 Beds 1 Baths Free PDF Full Plan. Hello! Today I would like to share with you a beautiful house plan that is intended to be economical in its construction and also to have the possibility of being built in stages.

We will see this beautiful plan of an inexpensive and small house, which can be a prefabricated house, in greater detail in the development of this article. We’ll see!

Budget house plan with 3 bedrooms.

In the video that we can see below you will find a more detailed description of this house plan idea. A 3D representation of what this model or house plan idea would look like in reality. Do not miss it!

Simple House Plan 9×9 Details of this Design or House Plan

This model of house has dimensions in plan of a square shape and approximately 9 meters in front by 9 meters long.

Inside it has a rather peculiar distribution, for example, it has a total of 3 bedrooms but one of them is to be built in the future as an extension.

It also has 1 bathroom, kitchen, and space for a small living room and dining room.

Equipment of the House Plan

Levels: 1 floor or level.
General measurements on the floor: 9 wide x 9 long.
Bedrooms: 3 bedrooms in total.
Bathrooms: 1 bathrooms in total.
Environments: Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen, Service Patio.

3D photographs of its facade and plant.

In the following images we can see a 3D representation of what the facade of this house would look like and to know its distribution we can see a plan view.

Let’s see a preview of its facade:

And then we can see a preview of your plant to know its distribution.

Simple House Plan 9x9 Meter 3 Beds 1 Baths Free PDF Full Plan layout 3d plan

As we can see, it has an interesting distribution of its interior spaces.

Simple House Plan 9x9 Meter 3 Beds 1 Baths Free PDF Full Plan layout 2d plan

Download House Plan for Free!

The plan of this cheap, small and comfortable house can be downloaded for free in DWG format for Autocad and PDF from the following link.

  • The document format is .DWG for AutoCAD version 2007
  • And this idea of ​​a house plan will also have it in PDF Format.


  • Remember that it is an indicative house plan, if you need to take it to reality, contact a professional in the area for advice.
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What do you think of this house plan?

Further down in the comments box you can write your opinions (with respect), doubts and suggestions, observations, etc.

I would be very grateful to know what you think of this house plan design.

Thank you very much for

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