Small House Plans 6×6 Meter 2 Beds 1 Bath Free Download

Small House Plans 6×6 Meter 2 Beds 1 Bath Free Download. In this new blog post I would like to share with you a beautiful new Small Budget House Plan.

Let’s go to see more details about this model or idea of ​​Small and Economic House Plan in the following article.

Small House Plans 6×6 Economic and small house plans.

In the following video we can see a 3D projection of this house plan model, which helps us to get a better idea of ​​what it would be like in reality.

3D video: 6 × 6 house plan.

Details of this House Plan

This model of House Plan could be perfect for a country or city plot, but it would be perfect in an urban area, where the lots are small or narrow.

Equipment of the House Plan

Levels: 1 floor or level.
General measurements on the floor: 6 wide x 6 long.
Bedrooms: 2 bedrooms in total.
Bathrooms: 1 Bathrooms in total.
Environments: Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen.

Small House Plans 6×6 3D photographs of its façade and plant.

To get a better idea of ​​what this house plan would look like in reality, let’s see the following 3D renderings of its facade and floor plan.

Let’s see your preview of the main façade:

And now let’s see how it is distributed inside with its plan view:

Small House Plans 6x6 Meter 2 Beds 1 Bath Free Download layout 3d plan

This house plan could be a very good idea if what you need is a standard house model, for a family of up to 3 members since it turns out to be very cheap and small, easy to build.

Small House Plans 6x6 Meter 2 Beds 1 Bath Free Download layout 2d plan

Download House Plan for Free!

Remember that this small, cheap and beautiful House Plan, 1 floor and 2 bedrooms you can download for free in DWG format for AutoCAD and PDF from the following link.

  • The document format is .DWG for AutoCAD version 2007
  • And this idea of ​​a house plan will also have it in PDF Format.


  • Remember that it is an indicative house plan, if you need to take it to reality, contact a professional in the area for advice.
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What do you think of this house plan?

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